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Product name : Stainless push button switch
Product No. : 4196-3
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Product overview

push button switch(4196 Series): This series rugged multi-option sealed pushbutton series offers the

utmost in choices of mounting styles, colors, terminations, bezels, lighting and momentary,

alternate-action even material switching.


12 volt led push button switch
2)9 years production experience 
3) High quality 


12 volt led push button switch

   Push Button Switches

Key Features

  • Momentary or maintained action
  • Gold or silver contacts
  • Many button colors
  • Choice of LED colors (or non-lighted versions)
  • Long life
  • Panel sealed to IP 67


  • Office equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Industrial machinery
  • Outdoor controls 

    Technical parameters

Rating value 

5A 250VAC 10A 125VAC

Mechanical life

≥200,000 times 

Electrical life

≥1,00,000 times 

Contact resistance 


Insulation resistance


Withstand Voltage

1000V 50/60Hz last for 1min

Base material

PBT,Zn Alloy,Brass,Stainless Steel 

Ambient temperature 



10~55Hz 1.5mm Double Amplitude 

Operating force



welding, Epoxy seal 




Bushing mount

Waterproof grade


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